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A Shelter for the children of prisoners, children of crime afftected, children at risk

1. Factors for Child Care

2. Principles for setting up this children home

3. Statutory Provisions and Required standards prescribed for setting up this Children Home is met as per women and child welfare department.

4. PFI registration is under Societies Registration Act.

5. PFB registration is under Trust Registration Act: 78th Prakarana & 110th Niyama.

6. PCH buildings and the area being used is on lease at ICCC.

7. All children are schooling under the Department of Education of Karnataka State Government



A. Availability of adequate shelter amidst sanitary surroundings is provided.


B. Adequate nourishment in terms of the provision of the right type of food of good quality in adequate quantity is provided.


C. Presence of affection and love in the family environment is benevolently showered.


D. Protection of child from environmental and climatic changes is of concern taken care of with protective clothing.


E. Comprehensive and timely immunization and protection against diseases is done with medical consultations.


F. Protection from hazards of environment endangering personal safety is of utmost concern which is monitored round the clock.


G. Protection from cruelty and exploitation for achieving material gains is strictly monitored.


H. Opportunity for growth and development and activity in an atmosphere of freedom and in association with other child companions is encouraged.


I. Opportunity for indoor and outdoor play is lavish.


J. Opportunity for training and development of child within home community and institutional environment is sort.


K. Adequate care for the early and immediate treatment of physical, mental, emotional handicaps and mal adjustment, is administered.



The points mentioned here in are a few basic principles guiding the implementing of our children home. They are:


A. Children who are deprived of security of a normal family life need love and care in conditions as closely approximate to home as possible, hence is provided.


B. In home environment the children are able to express their fears and dissatisfaction, as much as their hopes and aspirations. The need for such expressions is understood by us, to help the child overcome his/her difficulty and meet his/her basic needs. Therefore we are assuming the role of friend/guardian.


C. Factors of physical, mental abilities are of great significance in conditioning the child's response to his/her environment. Spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of the child is therefore receiving as much attention as physical growth.


D. This home understands the child as an individual with all his/her strength and weaknesses and learns to accept him/her as such. Each child is receiving individualized attention.


E. This home is providing democratic group living experience in a warm and accepting atmosphere.


F. This home strikes a balance between too much discipline on one hand and undirected and chaotic freedom on the other. Discipline is always coming from within the group.


G. Responsibilities are given to children in this home so that they consider themselves as useful part of this home's life.


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Precious Children Home















"Many like me are snuffed out" But God has been gracious to provide a Precious Children Home.

Rhema Reny (2001) - a child crusader who desires to see that no child is exploited. Though young and small is bold enough to voice out.