Greetings to all in the name of my C.E.O. Lord Jesus Christ whose Global Ministries founded 2000 odd years back on Mount Golgotha. This is the only establishment that has survived all the major crises all through the history and progressing towards its final plan of action. I consider my life as one of the most blessed lives as I am chosen and given the privilege of being a servant of this great project that holds the most important role in paving the way for the C.E.O. Lord Jesus Christ to come and take over the entire ownership. Well, as for me 2013 was very significant because of my turning into 60 years of age and considered as senior citizen. I am allowed to stand in a special queue in the bank and other counters. I am also given a discount in the train ticketing and the banks give me a 0.5% more interest than others. Sounds interesting no? Well, on the other side my body has started showing signs of slowing down with border line issues of diabetes, blood pressure etc. etc. and adding to that my left eye has been detected with 10% contract. 2013 gave me few heart breaking experiences and I even thought for a moment that I am finished. I don’t want to specify them because the grace of God that I received during these times of trials were extremely greater than I could ever think or expect. My Boss and my everything Lord Jesus who called me out of pitch darkness and brought me to His banqueting table never allowed His table to be empty but kept on filling it with new new mercies in front the enemies – Praise the Lord!

It is really interesting to know that my life that became a ground zero at the age of 27 got restored at the age of 33 and now I have completed another 33 years of new life and service in my Masters estate… Hallelujah!!

Experiencing all kinds of painful issues and seeing some of my known contempories being called home, I thought that I may also be called home soon. But my God my Saviour who started the good work in me has not finished with me as He gave me the needed strength and grace to begin 2019 on 7 days of full fasting and prayer and He gave me the assurance of His unfailing love and mercy upon me and my entire matters according to Deut. 11:11,12 and Joshua 1:5.
May I take this opportunity to thank each one of you dear ones who have stood with us in sharing the good news to the prisoner community. We were able to do everything for this group of people just because of our Master’s immense grace and the precious prayer and financial supports of you dear ones.

As we step forward in this new year of 2019 we are so confident about our Masters promise that “He will never leave us or forsake us” in spite of the deadly land mines on which we are passing through. May I conclude with wishing each one of you “Mara Natha.”


In His service



Reny George

09.05.2019 | Bangalore


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