Helping Prisoners' families for their financial stability

Meeting medical and Moral needs of Prisoners' families

Taking care of Children of Prison inmates meeting their educational, physical, mental, moral and other needs to transform them as law abiding citizens

Arranging meeting of families & children with the inmates


Providing legal assistance for the deserving prisoners & arranging their bail and parole.


Our aim is to help as many families of Prisoners as possible throughout the state of Karnataka. Sometimes such welfare activities spill over to the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Such efforts help to reduce the mental agonies of the inmates of Prisons and the immense burden upon the families. The families including their children are not cared for by the society. Often they are marginalised and have become objects of contempt and rejection.



PFB built a house for brother Devasia, an ex-prisoner in Coondhapoora

PF arranged financial assistance to this prisoner Isaac to build their new house

PFB built a house for Venkatesh, a jail bird who is mentally affected.


PFB gifted a sewing Machine to an ex-prisoner - Purushotham and his wife.


PFB gifted a sewing machine to Kamalamma, an ex-prisoner's wife.


PFB gifted a sewing machine to the wife of a convict Ganesh who committed suicide while on parole.


PFB gifted a sewing machine to an ex-prisoner Puttappa Akki's family who had five daughters, who were also given educational assistance.

These five children of the dreaded decoity gang of Dandupalaya were absorbed at PCH while their fathers served sentence at the CP Bangalore

These childrens' mothers were gifted a cow with calf by which they could fend for themselves. In the photo you are able to see the grand father who is 90.


PFB gifted a cow to an ex-prisoner Somanna Gowda's family at Mysore.

PFB gifted a cow to an ex-prisoner Vijayakumar's family at Chikkamanglur

PFB gifted a goat to an ex-prisoner Shivanna Gowda's family.


House constructed for an Ex-prisoner's Children at Nilegal, Raichur District.

House constructed for a Prisoner's mother Akhila who is disabled.

PFB helped this ex-prisoner's daughter and grandmother for their rehabilitation


PFB helped Prisoner Gopi & family for their Rehabilitation.

PFB helped Prisoner Kadiresh & family for their Rehabilitation.

PFB is monthly helping an

ex-prisoner Joseph Somu and family.


PFB is constructing a house for an
ex-prisoner's family at Shikkaripura.

PFB financially helped an ex-prisoner's family to have their own borewell.

PFB financially helping this
ex-prisoner's family for their welfare.



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PFB Social Worker visits prisoners' houses for counselling, to initiate reconciliation between the offending party and the victim family


A prisoner's family at Belguam


A prisoner's family at Bellary


A prisoner's family at Gulbarga


PFB staff with women prisoners


Convict Hanumantha while on parole along with his wife visiting PCH to be with two of his children.


PFB helped this ex-convict Rangappa to get hypothecation, Driving License & Auto permit.


PFB financially helped an ex-prisoner's wife Dhanalakshmi for her rehablitation along with her two children.