Health Care
The Project provides medical care to all the inmates. The center charges are immediately subjected to a full medical checkup on their arrival at the nearest Medical facility with which we have concluded an appropriate contract. If necessary, they receive out-patient’s aid in the center or treatment in hospital. The inmates with serious mental disorders are regularly monitored through a trained escort. Periodical medical examination of all the inmates are conducted at regular intervals ie., once in a month.


We strongly believe that through education, morality can be instilled into people’s mind. Our in-house educational programmes are aimed at helping the inmates to reintegrate into society on their discharge by improving their inter-personal skills and restoring their self-esteem and confidence. Every effort is made to assist the adult offenders on their voluntary self-studies.


Services offered
1. Functional literacy
2. Language skills
3. Preparation for examinations with public accreditation like National Open School, Indira Gandhi National Open University etc.

4. Moral Education

Vocational Training
Vocational training courses are provided and they aim to facilitate a smooth reintegration into the community. The Principle objectives of the vocational training are:

1. Cultivation of work habit and discipline
2. Engagement in productive work
3. Acquisition of job skills
4. Bridging to other vocational training opportunities
5. Gaining public accredited qualifications


Services offered
A wide variety of training courses on industrial or commercial skills are provided with the center, networking with like minded helper employers, for Mason training, Tailoring, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical wiring, DTP & Printing.


Placement Services
A Training cum Placement Officer is available in the Center who makes assessment of individual preferences, skill levels, training needs and maintains constant rapport with various industrial houses and commercial establishments to facilitate placement of the inmates.


Research demonstrates that the period immediately after release from custody is when offenders are most likely to re-offend, and it is therefore important that prisoners are able to enter employment or training as soon after release as possible. Realizing the importance of seeking placement to the inmates, the Project is making all around attempts to mobilize the support from service/ job providers.


Psychological Services
Counseling services are provided to inmates with emotional and behavioral problems. Structured treatment programmes are arranged for sex offenders and offenders with substance abuse. Preventive mental health program is provided for young offenders and long-term offenders. As a part of our Society- Inmate program, talks and interaction are arranged periodically to enhance the involvement of the society in the rehabilitation process. Research projects are conducted to better understand the psychological make-up of offenders and improve program effectiveness.


Moral Services
Moral services are provided to inmates with special emphasis on the moral and psychological dimensions that will help an inmate both now and in future.

Through Honorary volunteers from ethical organizations, a wide range of moral and social services are offered to all inmates who wish to participate regardless of their ethenical affiliation. The services includes visits, teaching, counseling, psychological and recreational activities.



With this promise of God these families are sustained.

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Varghese & Saravana


Anand and Subramani


Venkatesh and Anpazhakan


Rao and Kumbha


Murthy and Reji


George and family


Thimma Bovi and family


Mathai P.M. and family


Palany and family





Vinod and Kalyani. This couple completed one year of Rehabilitation Program.


Venkatesh and Umashankar